Wednesday, November 13, 2013


My initial reaction to the paper was not knowing what to do it on. And also that I didn't want to do it at first. But I realized I would have to just power through it. Then I realized I could incorporate my interest in psychology into the research paper. After I realized this it seems as if the paper would be easier. It would be easier in the way that I would be able to have a legitimate interest in the paper. And not be forced to do a paper that I wasn't interested in.

Monday, November 11, 2013

seven times

I don't think the boy should've been killed. But I do see why the police fired upon him. I don't know and nobody will ever know the thought process of the boy before the incident. And nobody will ever know the thought process of the policemen. I just don't know how the boy didn't expect something like that to happen. It's as if he was oblivious to the whole situation and it seemed as if he didn't care. This event shouldn't have happened,but it did.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vocab. No.2 part 2

1)Hyperbolic-of related to a hyperbola.
2)Consent-permission for something to happen or agreement to something.
   He needed consent in order to go on with the case.
3)Doctrine-a belief or set of beliefs held and taught by a certain group.
   The doctrine of predestination.
4)Hunch-a feeling or guess based on intuition rather than known facts.
   She was acting on a complete hunch.
5)Predominant-present as the strongest or main element.
   Its predominant color is unknown.
6)Discretion-the quality of behaving or speaking in such way so you can avoid causing offense.
   People sometimes must rely on there own discretion.
7)Provision-the action of providing or supplying something for use.
   New contracts for the provision of new services.
8)Seizure-the action of capturing something or someone by force.
   The seizure of all of his belongings left him with nothing.
9)Warrant-a legal document issued by a government official; often giving them the right to search or arrest on a person.
   They had a warrant for his arrest.
10)Infraction-a violation or infringement of a law.
     She had many traffic infractions on his driving record

Monday, November 4, 2013

Racial Profiling Lives On

Stop and frisk is a really unnecessary thing and the police are using it in an unfair way. It's all based on how the person who gets stopped and frisk looks. And most people who do get stopped are African Americans or Latinos. So it is racially profiling even though the police force and mayor Bloomberg says it isn't. And it also doesn't help that there probably is a couple or a hand full of cops who are racists and use this law in order to just harass certain races. I don't think this law was thought out before it was implemented and if it was that's just embarrassing.

Vocab No. 9

1)Ultimate-the best achievable or imaginable of its kind.
   The ultimate in luxury cars.
2)Interactive-influencing or having an effect on each other.
   Young children like interactive games.
3)Principle-a fundamental source or basis of something.
   One principle of all plants is water.
4)Guidance-advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty.
   People try to find guidance through religion.
5)Collaboration-the action of working with someone to produce or create something.
   His collaborated with his friend on his art project.
6)Formative-something that has a profound or lasting effect on someone.
   Everyone goes through their formative years.
7)Summative-relating to a summation or produced by summation.
8)Racism-the belief that all members of each race possesses characteristics or abilities specific to that race.
  Racism is still an issue in society.
9)Intelligence-the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.
   A man of great intelligence.