Sunday, June 1, 2014

masterpiece essay


                       Masterpiece Essay

     Through this entire process that I started long ago a lot has taken place. WhethI've  it was buying into the how class was being run or just me not wanting to work. It was and still is a process. And in the time I've spent in this class this year I've had to adapt to the disfigured landscape.  Many things go into this class, it's give and take. From being colleagues to passion and evaluating how you have done to just changing your habits.
     Changing for anyone isn't easy and is usually unwelcomed. There were times this year where I had to change my motivation.
I'm still unsure if it did in fact benefit me in any way, other than me not failing the class. In any class you take the whole point is to steadily improve as the year goes on. When it comes to this I think when it comes to reading, writing And thinking I'm probably still in the same place. I'm in the same place not because of not getting better but because of a inept ability to figure out if I have in fact improved. I'm sure I've gotten a tad better in the three above categories but they weren't huge leaps and bounds.
     One of the more perplexing elements to the class is that everyone is a colleague. Which is highly unusual since that is not how any other class works. This means trust was a huge part of the learning process. And many times throughout the year the trust was questioned. But the class kept moving on since faith was somehow restored. When it comes to figuring out if I earned this trust certain instances come to mind. I think one of  the only times I didn't really honor it was probably half way through the year. Which did carry on into the coming months following winter break. During that time I really didn't feel like doing anything in this class or any other one. Eventually I had to turn that around and actually do work again which I did and all was good.
     Finding your passion for something this year was one of if not the main focus. It seemed like many people struggled with this to some degree at one point or another. I definitely didn't know what I was passionate about through the entire year. I'm still a bit unsure what I an passionate about. I liked what I did my masterpiece project on which was short stories I'm just not sure if I'm passionate about it. In all likelihood I'll probably won't continue on with it for whatever reason going forward. I guess I'll eventually find something I'm passionate about but it's just a matter of when and what.
     Reflecting on the presentations of the past two weeks that I've witnessed there were a lot of different qualities to them. The most obvious one was how each person spoke about there topic. This isn't the fairest  way to break each one down. Especially since it depended on how each person was comfortable speaking in front of the class. But it was pretty obvious who was all in on their tooic. The main one that comes to mind is when Jacob presented his topic on Friday. You could tell by the way he spoke about his entire journey that happened through this year that he enjoyed it.
     When it comes to answering the call of this year I would say I did what I needed to do. I didn't go over and beyond, I rarely do that in any situation. For most of the year I just didn't do what I needed to. But I did turn that around when I needed to do so. One thing that came up that I already knew about myself is my lack of motivation that happens now and again through every school year. I just have to figure out how to minimize this. Not let it happen in huge gaps.
     This class was unusual in the way it works. It probably would've been easier if I just had bought into it earlier on. But I'll take what I've learned in this class and try to apply them elsewhere.