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masterpiece essay


                       Masterpiece Essay

     Through this entire process that I started long ago a lot has taken place. WhethI've  it was buying into the how class was being run or just me not wanting to work. It was and still is a process. And in the time I've spent in this class this year I've had to adapt to the disfigured landscape.  Many things go into this class, it's give and take. From being colleagues to passion and evaluating how you have done to just changing your habits.
     Changing for anyone isn't easy and is usually unwelcomed. There were times this year where I had to change my motivation.
I'm still unsure if it did in fact benefit me in any way, other than me not failing the class. In any class you take the whole point is to steadily improve as the year goes on. When it comes to this I think when it comes to reading, writing And thinking I'm probably still in the same place. I'm in the same place not because of not getting better but because of a inept ability to figure out if I have in fact improved. I'm sure I've gotten a tad better in the three above categories but they weren't huge leaps and bounds.
     One of the more perplexing elements to the class is that everyone is a colleague. Which is highly unusual since that is not how any other class works. This means trust was a huge part of the learning process. And many times throughout the year the trust was questioned. But the class kept moving on since faith was somehow restored. When it comes to figuring out if I earned this trust certain instances come to mind. I think one of  the only times I didn't really honor it was probably half way through the year. Which did carry on into the coming months following winter break. During that time I really didn't feel like doing anything in this class or any other one. Eventually I had to turn that around and actually do work again which I did and all was good.
     Finding your passion for something this year was one of if not the main focus. It seemed like many people struggled with this to some degree at one point or another. I definitely didn't know what I was passionate about through the entire year. I'm still a bit unsure what I an passionate about. I liked what I did my masterpiece project on which was short stories I'm just not sure if I'm passionate about it. In all likelihood I'll probably won't continue on with it for whatever reason going forward. I guess I'll eventually find something I'm passionate about but it's just a matter of when and what.
     Reflecting on the presentations of the past two weeks that I've witnessed there were a lot of different qualities to them. The most obvious one was how each person spoke about there topic. This isn't the fairest  way to break each one down. Especially since it depended on how each person was comfortable speaking in front of the class. But it was pretty obvious who was all in on their tooic. The main one that comes to mind is when Jacob presented his topic on Friday. You could tell by the way he spoke about his entire journey that happened through this year that he enjoyed it.
     When it comes to answering the call of this year I would say I did what I needed to do. I didn't go over and beyond, I rarely do that in any situation. For most of the year I just didn't do what I needed to. But I did turn that around when I needed to do so. One thing that came up that I already knew about myself is my lack of motivation that happens now and again through every school year. I just have to figure out how to minimize this. Not let it happen in huge gaps.
     This class was unusual in the way it works. It probably would've been easier if I just had bought into it earlier on. But I'll take what I've learned in this class and try to apply them elsewhere.

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164 Barred's Way

He stands there waiting,  waiting for his train. His senses then begin to heighten. Every foreign noise whether internal or external permitting from inside him. The ever changing wind that passes by him switches from cold to hot then back again.  The dull  colors become vibrant,  every variation of color becoming noticeable.  His thoughts are clouded, it's his train. His vision becoming distorted,  images becoming bent. Bent by him. "I wonder if it will be like everyone says" he whispers to himself. "What if it's worse?" he utters. "What if it's better? If there's a possibility of it being worse than it can also be better." As the cool breeze hits his face, a sudden sense of euphoria lays itself upon him. With a brief look of relief on his face he began to get nervous about what was to come. Compared to the things he did before, this should be a calm-walk. He can see the smoke of the train in the distance and the closer it got, the more nervous he became. He glanced down "164 Barred's Way" was engraved into his forearm. He nodded and looked back up, the train roaring even closer now. "I hope she knows where to look," he says to himself as he stares down the oncoming train. With the nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach growing he stuck out his left arm and waited. Before he knew it the train had come and all nervousness and feeling had been lost. He was free

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Mars One - Launch date 7-8-1

Approximately two weeks after the crash...
She put a finger to his lips "stop" she said "we shouldn't."
"No! You're crazy!"
Her once well nourished body is now a decrepit bag of bones. As she staggers through the stream of blood, corpses lie in her wake. Nearly falling as she kneels down she picks up the arm of her now deceased captain.
"Do you promise you won't mind"? She whispers as she slowly lifts the rotting limb to her mouth.
"Okay, but remember, this was your idea."
She opens her mouth and the flesh connects with her teeth. Without hesitation she takes a chunk out of the limb as if it were an apple. The smell putrid, the texture coriaceous, the taste outré. She starts chewing like she's never chewed before until she gets to the bone. She whispers, "Thank you" and waits for a response.
There is nothing.

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masterpiece interviews

When talking to people about their masterpieces there was a lot of I'm focusing on this followed by a slight hesitation when asked what exactly what they were doing. The confusion part that was there makes sense especially when it comes to this masterpiece.

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The masterpiece hasn't been serving a purpose.
 I'm not really sure how it's supposed to.

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Physically just leave as is, when it comes to the classroom. Structurally, guidance along with with just brief status reports. Culturally,  seems pretty solid nothing drastic needs to happen drastic change would probably hinder progress.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

parental involvement is overrated

There's nothing worse than an overbearing parent, especially when it comes to school. And usually the longer it goes on the worse it can get, since the stakes get higher. It seems that the older the kid gets the more the parent(s) should begin to ease off. But in most cases this doesn't happen. There are multiple reasons why this may not take place as it should.  Whether it's the parent(s) that wants the kid to succeed at a high rate. Maybe even that it seems to the parents that it feels like the right thing to do. There just needs to be a certain line to be drawn. It's already bad enough that you have this kid who is growing up and trying to figure things out for themselves but when you add the possible pressure the parent(s) can add it can get hectic. Every parent wants there child to succeed that's a given, it just wouldn't hurt if it was done with a little more distance in certain instances.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

the crossroads between should and must

  • In general most people are stuck in should rather than must. The article makes it clear what the two roads are. Most people in high school and in life are on the should road. We are all directed to the should path. You're directed towards this path because for many people its seems like the only way to succeed. If you were to go down the must path it wouldn't be smooth. There would be obstacles you would need to conquer. But it seems to me that after going through those obstacles that you come out more knowledgeable. Not to say that you wouldn't gain knowledge going down the should path. I would rather go down the more difficult path since I would learn how to fail. That's another reason why people don't go down the must path they don't want to fail. Some people will never go down the must path and some people will leave the should path. It just appears that whether it's the should or must path that either way you have to give yourself a chance to succeed. 

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look at my brain

In the case of my general work in all of my classes it's all pretty similar. I just get whatever it's and do it. The difficulty varies from class to class and assignment to assignment. When it comes to my thoughts it's always how do I do this and how long will it take.  The quicker the better. Collaboration not that much, sometimes in chemistry and in expos. comp. from time to time. Whenever I really start to think critically of anything but especially in the case of assignments and work in class my mind wanders. I usually think of something that interests me or that'll interest me while I pretend to do my work. Creativity doesn't get involved in my work, it's usually not needed.

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movie trailer
Zero Theorem trailer

raising digital awareness

It is important to draw visitors to your site in order for you to show them what you're up to. While they are there they will be able to decide if they are interested in whatever it is you are doing. I am not currently addressing the visitors needs. I haven't put any time or effort into it. When it comes to improving the value of the site is by producing good content. In general human ideas and interaction is more important than whatever tools you may be able to use. Especially since you can use those experiences from those interactions as tools in the future.

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lit. analysis 3

Fiction Analysis

1)The plot revolves around the two main character Michael Garrick and Nora Hartson. In the beginning of the story they witness some shady behavior from a White House staff member. By them witnessing this act it sets up the rest of the story. Which is filled with suspense, mystery with many twist and turns.
2) When talking about the theme of the book two things come to mind. One, absolutely trust no one in general. Two, question everything when faced with a uncomfortable situation.
3)The tone of the author throughout the story is a cluster of suspense and mystery. "What do you mean it's not who you would expect." This would be an example of mystery. This takes place when the search for a black mailer is happening. "You really don't know her do you?" Another example of mystery when Michael begins to question Nora's ulterior motives. "She better not be dead." This takes place when when Michael thinks Nora might of overdosed. Something that Nora struggles with throughout the story.
4) The tone involves suspense and mystery. "Why is he stopping, it looks like he is going into the woods."(pg.23) Michael and Nora decide to tail the White House staffer to see what he is up to. "We should go see what is in that envelope."(pg.25) Nora wants to know what's in the envelope.  Michael is hesitant at first but the gives in to his own intrigue. "What was that, it feels like someone is watching us."(pg.37) Michael knows they shouldn't be with the envelope so the feeling of being watched is overwhelming. What's in it Michael?"(pg.31)Before Michael even touches the envelope Nora's excitement engulfs her. "Who do you think the money is for?"(pg.48)After they realize they've find out it's money and a lot of it they try to piece together what they might think it's for. "You drugged me, you just don't do that without the person knowing."(pg.118) Nora decides for some reason to slop Michael some LSD without him knowing. He then passes out from having a slight panic attack. After he wakes up he is obviously furious and confronts Nora. "Who would he might be black mailing?"(pg.70) Michael along with Nora try to piece together what exactly might be going on with all that the know. But at this point are still unsure. "I'm dead, why would I be a suspect?"(pg.90) Michael becomes a suspect when a fellow employee winds up dead. Now along with everything that else is happening Michael must now prove his innocence. "You realize Nora might have been playing you this whole time."(pg.202)Part of the story where Michael feels that he is all on his own trying to prove his innocence. "Everything was a lie."(pg.249) Michael realizes Nora has been telling him lies. But he has to find out how many lies and what those lies were.

1) Michael in the beginning states what he fears in life. This would be direct characterization.  Some of his fears are logical and make sense but others are irrational. One form of indirect characterization is all the times Michael is hesitant. He doesn't like to take chances because that is not what type of person he is. He slightly begins to change as the story goes on.
2)The authors syntax doesn't really change from character to character.  It remains the same, but by him doing this it really doesn't hurt the characters. You still get a feel for each character and what he or she is like.
3)Michael is definitely a dynamic character. He had to be in order to succeed in his goal. If he were to stay the same person he wouldn't have gone far in his journey.  In the beginning he didn't take chances with anything. But by the end he will do whatever it takes to succeed.
4)After reading the book I felt as if I had met a person. You really get to know Michael and what he is like and how he works. The detail that went into his character was really good. It furthered the story when you either got a feeling or didn't when you tried to predict what may happen next.

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seeking mentor

The article just told you how to approach the whole idea of seeking out a mentor. It alto said it doesn't matter if they aren't in a field you're interested in as long as they can help you. Questions to ask the mentor you have in mind I guess depends on whatever field you're in

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This is only a test

For the test I had and still have no idea what to post exactly I couldn't think of anything that seemed like a good idea I'll need to ask questions

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After writing the essay and viewing myself as a entrepreneur my work still seems as it did in the beginning. When thinking of myself as an entrepreneur I don't see myself as one based on how we defined it in class.

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10 questions

The 10 questions I would ask I would ask to a director.
-what influenced you into becoming a director 
-at what age did you start to film things
-how did you approach directing when you first began
-did that approach change as you gained more experience
-what advice would you give to someone starting out
-how do you get better at your craft
-what's is your favorite or one of your favorite movies of all time
-how tedious can filming a single shot be
-how much responsibility is bestowed on the director
-how important is the staff surrounding the director

masterpiece essay

Almaguer 1
Nick Almaguer
Per. 1
Masterpiece Essay

     I’m not sure what I am passionate about. I don’t know what I’m passionate about at this second, I may never know. So when thinking of a topic to focus on I was drawing blanks. I could’ve chose space since that is a big interest of mine. But I thought better of it. I didn’t chose space since if I had to do research on it as an assignment I would’ve wind up hating it. I also could’ve chose psychology; I’ll be majoring on it in college. But the same rules applied to it like space. So eventually long complex narratives in the form of movies and television along with film criticism is what I landed on. The reason for the choice is simple; I enjoy movies and good television. The film criticism part of it was not planned but became a part of it. The movie aspect really important the film criticism not much.
     At the start of researching my topic it was pretty simple on how I would approach it. Use the internet and only the internet. It’s pretty simple on what I should’ve been looking for. But finding good helpful resources isn’t that easy as it would seem. At times I didn’t know what I should be looking for. Eventually I got

Almaguer 2
the hang of things and it came easy. Although when it comes to the using the internet as a full tool I don’t use it in that way. Which basically means I am not utilizing it as I should be? The reason for me not using it in a way of networking is for two reasons. One, I don’t necessarily know how to approach it. Two, if I do use it and something sprouts up from it I’ll probably won’t go forward with it. Not because I’m scared but because I’ll probably drop this whole research and stuff quickly. By that I mean when the school year is done.
     Triumph, a great victory or achievement and regret is to be disappointed over something that has happened or been done. In order for me to feel a sense of achievement I’ll need to do what I think needs to be done. Regret will only come if I feel that I have failed. Basically I’ll just need to continue to do what I’ve been doing. Which is watching movies and television shows and taking notes and also to try to find helpful resources. The resources will help me to get a better understanding on my topic. But failure is possible in this situation like in any other situation. Mainly because there has been many times during this process that I’ve been over this whole thing. In part due to the fact that when it comes to staying locked in on one topic it usually doesn’t work all that well for me. So failure and triumph are both in play but as long as I try and stay on track I should come out on the other side okay. We will see how this whole thing continues to

Almaguer 3
Play out. I just have to convince myself that I should try to go all out on this project.
     When it comes to impressing others with my work I don’t really care. Most people have a set topic and are only focused on that. So when it comes to putting out stuff not much thought will go into it. When thought is put into it it’s probably pretty good. The good thoughts however aren’t put into it because when they happen work isn’t being done. I also don’t think people care about my topic and if they find it interesting in some way. I know I don’t care what other people’s projects are on. One reason is because I don’t find what other people are doing as really interesting. I really don’t know why that is but it will probably not change. The only persons topic that I do have interest in is Grant’s since he is focusing on also Austin’s since he is focusing on stand-up comedy. Other than those two I can’t really think of anything else. When it comes to impressing others with my work I’m not really doing that. Just because of the simple fact that I will most likely not continue this work beyond this school year. I maybe the only one thinking like this but I highly doubt it. I just can’t seem to change my viewpoint on this situation.
     Bringing my idea into reality, it seems to me that I’ve accomplished it in some way since I’ve been doing the work. The work being the stuff I’ve been posting

Almaguer 4
since we stared this project. I don’t really have any ideas when it comes to expanding my horizon. Writing some reviews came up and trying to get them published came up also. But when it comes to the whole criticism part of this masterpiece I don’t want to do it. The main reason is because it just seems really boring. In this process I’ve been done many things. Including taking notes on things in notice on screen and learning on how they are done and what goes into it. Whether it is lighting, contrast, framing, mis-en-scene, camera angles and the setting. I even learned some technical stuff which includes cross cutting, dubbing, voiceovers and many other things. But when the process of reviewing a film comes up I hate the idea. I have been to sites to see how it is done and thought on how I would approach it however it doesn’t seem to spark that much interest. Even if the reviews cam from npr or even Roger Ebert it really didn’t make a difference. I hate the idea because if I were to do it my love for movies would slowly begin to die. I wouldn’t enjoy watching a show or movie like I do now. I guess I am not trying to make anything become reality when it comes to film criticism. So I don’t know which other thing can become reality. The whole reality thing seems like it won’t happen which I am okay with.
     Networking, I would say I don’t know what to do. I’m not sure who I would exactly need in my network. I guess just people in general that find what I am

Almaguer 5
doing interesting. But like I said before I am not sure if there are people that find what I am doing interesting in any way. The expert part to it is that I could possibly reach out to certain people. But rather, I have just compiled a group of directors whose movies I enjoy a lot. And when it comes to these directors I have just watched their movies and took notes. And tried to pay close attention to try to notice a technique that I have learned about. But past this I am not sure what I should be doing.
     The masterpiece project isn’t what I would call it. Not because it isn’t a masterpiece but because it won’t be perfect. And unlike other people I find that things that are imperfect can be better. I’ll just continue on with my imperfect project. And along the way I will see what comes of it.

 Almaguer 1

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super 8

- Quentin Tarantino
- Christopher Nolan
- Martin Scorsese
- Stanley Kubrick
- Ridley Scott
- David Fincher
- Steven Spielberg
- Francis Ford Coppola

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1}SOUND BRIDGE- Sound bridges can lead in or out of a scene. They can occur at the beginning of one scene when the sound from the previous scene carries over briefly before the sound from the new scene begins.
2}SONIC FLASHBACK-Sound from one diegetic time is heard over images from a later time.          3}DIEGETIC/NON-DIEGETIC SOUND-Any voice, musical passage, or sound effect presented as originating from a source within the film's world is diegetic.
4}DIRECT SOUND-When using direct sound, the music, noise, and speech of the profilmic event at the moment of filming is recorded in the film.
5}NONSIMULTANEOUS SOUND-Diegetic sound that comes from a source in time either earlier or later than the images it accompanies.
6}OFFSCREEN SOUND- Simultaneous sound from a source assumed to be in the space of the scene but outside what is visible onscreen.
7 POSTSYNCHRONIZATION DUBBING- The process of adding sound to images after they have been shot and assembled.
8}SOUND PERSPECTIVE- The sense of a sound's position in space, yielded by volume, timbre, pitch, and, in stereophonic reproduction systems, binaural information.
9}SYNCHRONOUS SOUND- Sound that is matched temporally with the movements occuring the images, as when dialogue corresponds to lip movements.
10} VOICE OVER- When a voice, often that of a character in the film, is heard while we see an image of a space and time in which that character is not actually speaking.

Literature Analysis No. 2

FICTION ANALYSIS- The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer

1}The plot of the story revolves around the main character Beecher White who works at the national archives in Washington D.C. . He lives a very methodical and average boring life. Although while partaking in something he shouldn't be doing in a place he shouldn't be in he stumbles upon something he wasn't meant to see or know about. Making this discovery causes problems and leads himself along with people he trusts down a very puzzling and curious path.
2} The theme of the book is that when faced with an issue no matter the gravity of it you have to be sure in who you trust and how you maneuver your way through each obstacle you are face with.
3}The tone that the author has throughout the story is a mix of curiosity and uneasiness. "The book, Beecher. Where'd you find the book?"(Pg. 78)An example of curiosity that happens many times in the book. You also get a touch of uneasiness when you read this line in its full context. "You said my life was over."(Pg. 228) A line that is an example of uneasiness.  This is when Beecher is told of what he has got himself involved in. And that he needs to try to fully grasp the situation he is in. "Be careful here. You sure he is your friend?"(Pg. 235) Another example that shows curiosity and uneasiness. Beecher when faced with this vital question realizes that he has been not as safe as he should be.
4}The tone is a mix of curiosity and uneasiness. "What're you doing? Are you crazy!?" (Pg. 136) Clementines reaction when she realizes the immediate danger Beecher is in. This quote helps you understand how in an instance any Beecher's or any other can be in jeopardy. "Is this a test?" "Is that it? It's a test for me?" (Pg. 140) This quote helped me realize of how different character's in the story viewed the book that Beecher had in his possession. "Why are you fearful to show your knowledge? Is it her? Or are you uncomfortable around me?" (Pg. 143) In this situation Beecher is faced with either telling a paranoid schizophrenic the truth or lie to him. But the catch is if he tells him it can further his search and if he doesn't he'll keep going around in circles. "Reincarnation?" (Pg.146) Part in the book where Beecher is told of this outrageous idea that he is the reincarnated soul of Benedict Arnold. He is told this by Nico the paranoid schizophrenic. Up until this point Nico was being perfectly normal and lucid. Which gave me the impression that he was actually normal for that split second. Then you're quickly reminded what kind of person is. "Man, I really messed up your chin, didn't I?" (Pg. 214) After being attacked from behind and knocked unconscious Beecher is asked by Dallas a fellow archivist if he is okay. During this part in the book Beecher finds out that Dallas is in the Culper Ring. A secretive spy ring that caters to the presidency. Beecher then is told of the shear gravity of the situation he helped cause. "Why you really come here?" (Pg. 285) Beecher begins to question the motives of people he once trusted. He has to do this in order to protect himself. Although at times he becomes very careless. "Tell me what is said in the invisible ink." (Pg. 293) In order to further his search Beecher must know what was written in the dictionary. Although he roughly has an idea on what it will say. "You think someone is out there watching?" (Pg. 303) Beecher along with Clementine realize that the possibility of the fact that they're being watched the closer they get to the truth, along with the fact they're getting closer to finding a drop spot.

1}In the start of the book it explains of what type of person Beecher is. How methodical and precise he is in everything he does. Such as his routine he does every morning it's the same thing and he is fine with how methodical his life is. An indirect way of showing how methodical he is, is when it gives the the visualization of how everything is laid out and put in place at his house. It also is explained of how in his methodical ways Beecher is very predictable he is when it comes to certain things. Like when he arrives to work he does the same thing over and over each day. This is noticed by his colleagues that he works with.
2} His syntax and diction doesn't change from character to character. Each character and sentence is arranged in the same matter. Which is good since there is great detail and explanations of whatever is going on with that character.
3} Beecher I would say is a dynamic character even tough he didn't start out that way. He was a very flat and boring character. But being thrust into unknown, unusual and uncomfortable situations he had to take chances. And he capitalized of those certain situations.
4}I felt like after reading the book like I had meet many people. Especially since of the detail and some background information that was given on the character's. The story would've suffered if it didn't give you that feeling.

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 with a little help from my friends

As I move forward and figure out what exactly it's I'm going to do I have to figure out what resources are at my disposal. The obvious one I'd the Internet in general. And by using it I should be able to find helpful sites that can further my understanding of my topic.

welcome to the interdisciplinarity

-narrative writing 

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Vocab. No. 2

1}Contrast-The ratio of dark to light in an image.
2}Deep Focus-Deep focus is a photographic and cinematographic technique using a large depth of field. Depth of field is the front-to-back range of focus in an image — that is, how much of it appears sharp and clear. 
3}Shallow Focus-Shallow focus is a photographic and cinematographic technique incorporating a small depth of field. In shallow focus one plane of the image is in focus while the rest is out of focus.
4}Depth of Field-the distance between the nearest and the furthest objects that give an image judged to be in focus in a camera.
5}Racking Focus-A rack focus in filmmaking and television production is the practice of changing the focus of the lens during a shot. It can refer to small or large changes of focus.
6}Telephoto Shot-a lens with a longer focal length than standard, giving a narrow field of view and a magnified image.
7}Zoom Shot- uses a lens with several elements that allows the filmmaker to change the focal length of the lens while the shot is in progress.
8}Canted Framing-The action appears tilted or at an angle.
9}Following Shot-a shot with framing that shifts to keep a moving figure onscreen.
10}Reframe-Short panning or tilting movements to adjust for the figures' movements, keeping them onscreen or centered.
11}Point-of - view shot-a shot taken with the camera placed approximately where the character's eyes would be, showing what the character would see.
12}Extreme long shot-a framing in which the scale of the object shown is very small; a building, landscape, or crowd of people will fill the screen.
13}Long Shot-a framing in which the scale of the object shown is small; a standing human figure would appear nearly the height of the screen.
14}Medium Long Shot-framing such than an object four or five feet high would fill most of the screen vertically.
15}Medium Close Up-a framing in which the scale of the object shown is fairly large; a human figure seen from the chest up would fill most of the screen.
16}Close Up-a framing in which the scale of the object shown is relatively large.
17}Extreme Close-up-a framing in which the scale of the object shown is very large.
18}Crane Shot-a shot with a change in framing rendered by having the camera above the ground and moving through the air in any direction.
19}Pan-a camera movement with the camera body turning to the right or left.
20}Tilt-a camera movement with the camera body swiveling upward or downward on a stationary support.

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resources 1
Pulp Fiction plot notes
Film making terminology
Film criticism/types

Article on film criticism
More film terminology's_Trademarks#Camera_Angles_and_Shots
Quentin Tarantino camera angle and shots and a lot more
Review of Pulp Fiction


In the grand scheme of things there aren't a lot of things that I'm passionate about. But after some discussion with Preston I decided to focus on long complex narratives, in the form of movies. Then after another discussion I tossed in how movies are shot (camera angles, lighting etc.) and also film criticism. I'll just use the to tools I have at my disposal to try to expand my knowledge of my topics. The way I have no regrets by the time June comes around is if I do what I want. Which sounds simple but it's probably not. The way I can impress others is if I just do a thorough job covering my job. As for my network I'm not sure who will be in it.

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my vocab No. 1

1}Nonlinear-not denoting, involving, or arranged in a straight line.
The movie Pulp Fiction is arranged in a nonlinear way.
2} Methodical-done according to a systematic or established form of procedure.
He does all of his work in a very methodical way.
3} Iambic Pentameter-Iambic pentameter is a commonly used metrical line in traditional verse and verse drama.
Iambic Pentameter is a very specific style of writing.
4}Continuity Editing-Continuity editing is the predominant style of film editing and video editing in the post-production process of filmmaking of narrative films and television programs.
5} Overlapping Editing-Cuts that repeat part or all of an action, thus expanding its viewing time and plot duration.
6} Cinematography-the art of making motion pictures.
7} Elliptical Editing-makes screen time shorter than story time by cutting out unnecessary actions; condenses time by inferring total actions we only see in part.
8} Montage-the process or technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of film to form a continuous whole.
9} Superimposition- imposition combining two separate photos.
10} Transitions-a passage in a piece of writing that smoothly connects two topics or sections to each other.
11} Cheat Cut-in the continuity editing systyem, a cut which presents continuous time from shot to shot but which mis-matches the position of figures or objects.
12} Graphic Match-A match cut, also called a graphic match, is a cut in film editing between either two different objects, two different spaces, or two different compositions in which an object in the two shots graphically match, often helping to establish a strong continuity of action and linking the two shots together.
13}Crosscut-alternate (one sequence) with another when editing a movie.
14} Dissolve-(in a movie) an act or instance of moving gradually from one picture to another.
15} Iris-(of an aperture, typically that of a lens) open or close in the manner of an iris or iris diaphragm.
16} Jump Cut-(in film or television) an abrupt transition from one scene to another.
17}Diegesis-a narrative or plot, typically in a movie.
18} Edit-choose material for (a movie or a radio or television program) and arrange it to form a coherent whole.
19} Focus-the point at which an object must be situated with respect to a lens or mirror for an image of it to be well defined.
20} Mise-en-scene-the arrangement of scenery and stage properties in a play, movie or television show.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Literature Analysis


1}This book is about Shawn Carter commonly known as Jay Z it's an autobiography. In the book there are a wide range of topics that are covered. From his childhood growing up in New York to what influenced him to want to start rapping. Also what he saw, heard and experienced throughout his life.
2}I think the reason he chose to write the autobiography was just based on the fact that he finally felt like letting people know his life story. Before the book came out people did know certain things that happened in his life but not the whole story.
3}The reason I chose this book was because it was the only book at my house that I thought would be interesting. It wasn't my first choice but it wasn't a terrible choice. The book appealed to me because it would give me the chance to learn more about one of the most influential and successful people in the last decade.The thing that made me want to keep reading was just learning more and more about his life. And what made him want to start rapping.
4}The entire book was completely realistic nothing seemed to over the top. I didn't make to many connections with the book. But there were certain instances and situations in the book that did remind me of something that happened in my life or something that I've seen or read somewhere else.


1}The way he described people and events were exactly how you would expect him to do it. Especially when he did go into detail about a certain topic that you know he remembered instantly. His tone in the book does seem to vary time to time. But that only happens depending on the memory he has.Some things are going to be upbeat and some not. It just depends on how he recalls those moments and how he felt at that time.
2}Jay Z is tall, brown skin, short hair. He looks like any other person you would see on any other day. The only difference is that he is really famous.
3}During the book he directly characterizes certain people that he knows and remembers from his past. Whether it be his cousin who he remembers hanging out with and them both experiencing and seeing their first rap battle. Or even how the person sounded and talked about him when she criticized his music and what he was wearing.
4}I think his diction does change when he talks about a certain person. In some cases you can tell that the thought back to a certain memory is good just by the way he words it. But when his diction turns the opposite way you are also aware because he gives off that feeling. You just have to be aware of what you're reading and how it should be read.
5}He definitely is a dynamic character if he wasn't than the book wouldn't be worth reading. He had to be dynamic in order to grow as a person but also as a rapper. He wouldn't be the person that he is today without being able to change.


1}He used a journalistic style to his writing there wasn't much foreshadowing to it. He just told of events and how he saw them.And in some cases in good vivid detail which would enable you to visualize what happened.
2}In many cases he uses long descriptive sentences in order for you to visualize what exactly went on. And I think that really allows you to be consumed by the story. Which will also probably make you appreciate the book a lot more. So without those descriptive sentences the book wouldn't be as good as it is.
3}I think what he does well is recalling the memory to the best of his capability. He wants to use great detail in order for you to understand the situations he was in. And he also seemed to want to use the right words in order to describe something he didn't want to seem to dilute it in any way.
4}I think he mainly uses what he can remember. There was some help from articles and news stories also that help set the story up. But it seemed to be a lot of just him thinking back to those moments in his life that he experienced.

The thing I expect to remember from the book is how his life was a journey. It took him a long time to become as successful as he is. And I think people who read the book can also look at that and see that becoming successful is a process. It is not something that is just going to happen over night just because you want it to happen.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vobab. List No. 4

1}accolade-an award or privilege granted as a special honor or as an acknowledgment of merit
2}acerbity-a sharp bitterness
3}attrition-the action or process of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of someone or something through sustained attack or pressure.
4}bromide-a trite and unoriginal idea or remark
5}chauvinist-a person displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotism
6}chronic-persisting for a long time or constantly recurring
7}expound-to present and explain a theory or idea systematically and in detail
8}factionalism-the splitting of a group into factions
9}immaculate- perfectly clean, neat, or tidy
10}imprecation-a spoken curse
11}ineluctable-unable to be resisted or avoided
12}mercurial-a person who is subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind
13}palliate-to make a disease or its symptoms less severe or unpleasant without removing the cause
14}protocol-the official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of a state or diplomacy
15}resplendent-attractive and impressive through being richly colorful or sumptuous
16}stigmatize-to describe or regard as worthy of disgrace or great disapproval
17}sub rosa-something that is happening or done in secret
18}vainglory-inordinate pride in oneself or one's achievements
19}vestige-a trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists
20}volition-the power of using one's will

Monday, January 27, 2014


The only difference when it comes to haffta and wanna is effort.The more you try the better result and if you don't try you can expect to fail or come up short.Most people won't change after they graduate, unless they're a wizard.They'll take whatever habits they have into whatever field or classroom they plan on being in.The way you can balance them is by just having good discipline.But really don't have to balance the things you want to do with the things you have to do.If you were to go that route you would probably screw yourself over.The expectations I have for myself would probably be high.It all depends on whatever I am doing and if I truly am interested in whatever I may be doing.

hacking my education

Hacking my education would basically mean building the class around whatever it is that I'm interested in so that I can somehow use it to my advantage

profile in courage

My first impression of the movie was that the sport of wheelchair rugby and the men who play it won't be taken lightly.I also noticed how each one of the guys in the movie are just like everyone else.The only difference is that they're in a wheelchair.I also noticed that even though they are limited in what they can or can't do they as individuals didn't limit themselves.They did everything like any other person would do the only difference was the way they may have done it.

the choice

There have been many choices I've needed to make throughout my life and especially as I became older and started to make the hard one's on my own. Some small and meaningless and some the complete opposite. When it comes to making decisions I'm quick and usually unsure, I usually pick whichever one seems to be the best one at that moment.Then shortly after think of if the right choice was made. But it usually doesn't go much further than that.I am not a person that keeps changing my mind over and over again.So when the choice of either staying here or moving to Texas came around it wasn't that big of a deal.So I thought about it for about an hour after receiving the news.The first thought was staying and finishing out my senior year since there is not much left.Then I thought of going to Texas and finishing my school out there.I was fine either way it didn't really matter to me.A month or so later when I know what option I will choose I find out that moving to Texas isn't going to happen after all.So I never had to make that choice even though my choice had already been made.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Life After

I don't really know what life after high school will be like for me. I do plan on attending college after high school. But either during that time or after that point I don't really know what I see myself doing. A lot can happen in a small window of time so that's why I can't see myself doing one specific thing. But I'll probably doing something that interests me.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Visual Storytelling

One technique that can make visual storytelling effective is the lighting. Whether it's the overall lighting of the whole scene or the lighting of an individual character. It can have an effect that can allow the viewer to keen in on something that is important that the director may want you to notice. There also is the music which is one of the most important aspects of the storytelling. It's the directors way of trying to make you feel a certain way. And another effective way of storytelling is the camera angles. They can be broad to show you a lot which can give you a good understanding. But the broad angles can also be used to try to overwhelm or make you look all over the place as you try to notice everything. Then there are the small compact shots that usually focus on one important item or thing. There are also the unusual angles that can distort or even give an eerie feeling to a specific scene or item.

Vocab. N. 2

Accoutrements: additional items of dress or equipment.
Apogee: the point in the orbit of an object.
Apropos: used to state a speakers beliefs.
Bicker: argue about petty and trivial matter.
Coalesce: come together and form one mass or whole.
Contretemps: an unexpected and unfortunate occurrence.
Convolution: a form or shape that is folded.
Cull: select from a large quantity.
Dogmatic: inclined to lay down principles.
Licentious: promiscuous and unprincipled in sexual matters.
Mete: dispense or allot justice.
Noxious: harmful, poisonous or very unpleasant.
Populous: containing many people or inhabitants.
Probity: the quality of having strong moral principles.
Supervene: occur later than a specified or implied event.
Unimpeachable: not able to be doubted, questioned, or criticized.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Vocab. No.1 performance review

I did pretty good on the quiz it wasn't that hard, I did although forget the definition of two words. I also blanked out for a little bit on some words but soon remembered. Could've gotten a hundred percent on the quiz but as long as I don't bomb it I'm good.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vocab. Spring List 1

1}adumbrate-to report or represent in outline
    The man adumbrated the necessity that the Senate be somewhat insulated from public passions.
 2}apotheosis-the highest point in the development of something.
    His role in that movie was the apotheosis of his career.
3}ascetic-a person who practices severe self-discipline.
    He lives in an ascetic type of life style.
 4}bauble-a small trinket or decoration.
     He tried to secure all of his grandfathers old baubles.
 5}beguile-a persons charm or enchant; sometimes in a deceptive way.
     He was beguiled by her charm.
6}burgeon-something that grows rapidly
    Manufacturers are keen to cash in on the burgeoning demand.
7}complement- a thing that completes or brings to perfection.

  The cheese complemented the spaghetti perfectly.
8}contumacious-stubbornly or willfully disobedient to authority.
    Contumacious would be the best word to describe the troubled child. 
 9}curmudgeon-a bad tempered person.
     That man is such a curmudgeon.
 10}didactic- intended to teach, particularly in having moral instruction as an ulterior motive.
        A didactic movie that set out to expose social injustice.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

the choice

1} The choice refers to whether the little girl will voluntarily take the poison or rather it being forced down her throat.
2} It's a real choice because there are two options, although in a way it isn't because if she doesn't want to take it it'll still be forced upon her. The alternative is that her health will deteriorate to a level worse than it may be.
3} Because it tells you exactly what it's with one simple word and there is an impact that comes with the word.
4} She wants to play with it because in her mind she doesn't believe she will live up to be eight years old. I agree with her since she seems to be trying to take advantage of what time she may still have, no harm will come just because she is playing with that toy.
5} Skydiving/go to space and other things
6} Probably in circumstances close to this one but only if you and the person both agreed it would or could benefit them.
7} Yea.You just have to deal with it.
8} Since we tend to try imagine of how it would be to deal with something of that magnitude.