Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mars One - Launch date 7-8-1

Approximately two weeks after the crash...
She put a finger to his lips "stop" she said "we shouldn't."
"No! You're crazy!"
Her once well nourished body is now a decrepit bag of bones. As she staggers through the stream of blood, corpses lie in her wake. Nearly falling as she kneels down she picks up the arm of her now deceased captain.
"Do you promise you won't mind"? She whispers as she slowly lifts the rotting limb to her mouth.
"Okay, but remember, this was your idea."
She opens her mouth and the flesh connects with her teeth. Without hesitation she takes a chunk out of the limb as if it were an apple. The smell putrid, the texture coriaceous, the taste outré. She starts chewing like she's never chewed before until she gets to the bone. She whispers, "Thank you" and waits for a response.
There is nothing.

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