Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Physically just leave as is, when it comes to the classroom. Structurally, guidance along with with just brief status reports. Culturally,  seems pretty solid nothing drastic needs to happen drastic change would probably hinder progress.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

parental involvement is overrated

There's nothing worse than an overbearing parent, especially when it comes to school. And usually the longer it goes on the worse it can get, since the stakes get higher. It seems that the older the kid gets the more the parent(s) should begin to ease off. But in most cases this doesn't happen. There are multiple reasons why this may not take place as it should.  Whether it's the parent(s) that wants the kid to succeed at a high rate. Maybe even that it seems to the parents that it feels like the right thing to do. There just needs to be a certain line to be drawn. It's already bad enough that you have this kid who is growing up and trying to figure things out for themselves but when you add the possible pressure the parent(s) can add it can get hectic. Every parent wants there child to succeed that's a given, it just wouldn't hurt if it was done with a little more distance in certain instances.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

the crossroads between should and must

  • In general most people are stuck in should rather than must. The article makes it clear what the two roads are. Most people in high school and in life are on the should road. We are all directed to the should path. You're directed towards this path because for many people its seems like the only way to succeed. If you were to go down the must path it wouldn't be smooth. There would be obstacles you would need to conquer. But it seems to me that after going through those obstacles that you come out more knowledgeable. Not to say that you wouldn't gain knowledge going down the should path. I would rather go down the more difficult path since I would learn how to fail. That's another reason why people don't go down the must path they don't want to fail. Some people will never go down the must path and some people will leave the should path. It just appears that whether it's the should or must path that either way you have to give yourself a chance to succeed. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

look at my brain

In the case of my general work in all of my classes it's all pretty similar. I just get whatever it's and do it. The difficulty varies from class to class and assignment to assignment. When it comes to my thoughts it's always how do I do this and how long will it take.  The quicker the better. Collaboration not that much, sometimes in chemistry and in expos. comp. from time to time. Whenever I really start to think critically of anything but especially in the case of assignments and work in class my mind wanders. I usually think of something that interests me or that'll interest me while I pretend to do my work. Creativity doesn't get involved in my work, it's usually not needed.