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movie trailer
Zero Theorem trailer

raising digital awareness

It is important to draw visitors to your site in order for you to show them what you're up to. While they are there they will be able to decide if they are interested in whatever it is you are doing. I am not currently addressing the visitors needs. I haven't put any time or effort into it. When it comes to improving the value of the site is by producing good content. In general human ideas and interaction is more important than whatever tools you may be able to use. Especially since you can use those experiences from those interactions as tools in the future.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

lit. analysis 3

Fiction Analysis

1)The plot revolves around the two main character Michael Garrick and Nora Hartson. In the beginning of the story they witness some shady behavior from a White House staff member. By them witnessing this act it sets up the rest of the story. Which is filled with suspense, mystery with many twist and turns.
2) When talking about the theme of the book two things come to mind. One, absolutely trust no one in general. Two, question everything when faced with a uncomfortable situation.
3)The tone of the author throughout the story is a cluster of suspense and mystery. "What do you mean it's not who you would expect." This would be an example of mystery. This takes place when the search for a black mailer is happening. "You really don't know her do you?" Another example of mystery when Michael begins to question Nora's ulterior motives. "She better not be dead." This takes place when when Michael thinks Nora might of overdosed. Something that Nora struggles with throughout the story.
4) The tone involves suspense and mystery. "Why is he stopping, it looks like he is going into the woods."(pg.23) Michael and Nora decide to tail the White House staffer to see what he is up to. "We should go see what is in that envelope."(pg.25) Nora wants to know what's in the envelope.  Michael is hesitant at first but the gives in to his own intrigue. "What was that, it feels like someone is watching us."(pg.37) Michael knows they shouldn't be with the envelope so the feeling of being watched is overwhelming. What's in it Michael?"(pg.31)Before Michael even touches the envelope Nora's excitement engulfs her. "Who do you think the money is for?"(pg.48)After they realize they've find out it's money and a lot of it they try to piece together what they might think it's for. "You drugged me, you just don't do that without the person knowing."(pg.118) Nora decides for some reason to slop Michael some LSD without him knowing. He then passes out from having a slight panic attack. After he wakes up he is obviously furious and confronts Nora. "Who would he might be black mailing?"(pg.70) Michael along with Nora try to piece together what exactly might be going on with all that the know. But at this point are still unsure. "I'm dead, why would I be a suspect?"(pg.90) Michael becomes a suspect when a fellow employee winds up dead. Now along with everything that else is happening Michael must now prove his innocence. "You realize Nora might have been playing you this whole time."(pg.202)Part of the story where Michael feels that he is all on his own trying to prove his innocence. "Everything was a lie."(pg.249) Michael realizes Nora has been telling him lies. But he has to find out how many lies and what those lies were.

1) Michael in the beginning states what he fears in life. This would be direct characterization.  Some of his fears are logical and make sense but others are irrational. One form of indirect characterization is all the times Michael is hesitant. He doesn't like to take chances because that is not what type of person he is. He slightly begins to change as the story goes on.
2)The authors syntax doesn't really change from character to character.  It remains the same, but by him doing this it really doesn't hurt the characters. You still get a feel for each character and what he or she is like.
3)Michael is definitely a dynamic character. He had to be in order to succeed in his goal. If he were to stay the same person he wouldn't have gone far in his journey.  In the beginning he didn't take chances with anything. But by the end he will do whatever it takes to succeed.
4)After reading the book I felt as if I had met a person. You really get to know Michael and what he is like and how he works. The detail that went into his character was really good. It furthered the story when you either got a feeling or didn't when you tried to predict what may happen next.

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seeking mentor

The article just told you how to approach the whole idea of seeking out a mentor. It alto said it doesn't matter if they aren't in a field you're interested in as long as they can help you. Questions to ask the mentor you have in mind I guess depends on whatever field you're in

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This is only a test

For the test I had and still have no idea what to post exactly I couldn't think of anything that seemed like a good idea I'll need to ask questions

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After writing the essay and viewing myself as a entrepreneur my work still seems as it did in the beginning. When thinking of myself as an entrepreneur I don't see myself as one based on how we defined it in class.

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10 questions

The 10 questions I would ask I would ask to a director.
-what influenced you into becoming a director 
-at what age did you start to film things
-how did you approach directing when you first began
-did that approach change as you gained more experience
-what advice would you give to someone starting out
-how do you get better at your craft
-what's is your favorite or one of your favorite movies of all time
-how tedious can filming a single shot be
-how much responsibility is bestowed on the director
-how important is the staff surrounding the director

masterpiece essay

Almaguer 1
Nick Almaguer
Per. 1
Masterpiece Essay

     I’m not sure what I am passionate about. I don’t know what I’m passionate about at this second, I may never know. So when thinking of a topic to focus on I was drawing blanks. I could’ve chose space since that is a big interest of mine. But I thought better of it. I didn’t chose space since if I had to do research on it as an assignment I would’ve wind up hating it. I also could’ve chose psychology; I’ll be majoring on it in college. But the same rules applied to it like space. So eventually long complex narratives in the form of movies and television along with film criticism is what I landed on. The reason for the choice is simple; I enjoy movies and good television. The film criticism part of it was not planned but became a part of it. The movie aspect really important the film criticism not much.
     At the start of researching my topic it was pretty simple on how I would approach it. Use the internet and only the internet. It’s pretty simple on what I should’ve been looking for. But finding good helpful resources isn’t that easy as it would seem. At times I didn’t know what I should be looking for. Eventually I got

Almaguer 2
the hang of things and it came easy. Although when it comes to the using the internet as a full tool I don’t use it in that way. Which basically means I am not utilizing it as I should be? The reason for me not using it in a way of networking is for two reasons. One, I don’t necessarily know how to approach it. Two, if I do use it and something sprouts up from it I’ll probably won’t go forward with it. Not because I’m scared but because I’ll probably drop this whole research and stuff quickly. By that I mean when the school year is done.
     Triumph, a great victory or achievement and regret is to be disappointed over something that has happened or been done. In order for me to feel a sense of achievement I’ll need to do what I think needs to be done. Regret will only come if I feel that I have failed. Basically I’ll just need to continue to do what I’ve been doing. Which is watching movies and television shows and taking notes and also to try to find helpful resources. The resources will help me to get a better understanding on my topic. But failure is possible in this situation like in any other situation. Mainly because there has been many times during this process that I’ve been over this whole thing. In part due to the fact that when it comes to staying locked in on one topic it usually doesn’t work all that well for me. So failure and triumph are both in play but as long as I try and stay on track I should come out on the other side okay. We will see how this whole thing continues to

Almaguer 3
Play out. I just have to convince myself that I should try to go all out on this project.
     When it comes to impressing others with my work I don’t really care. Most people have a set topic and are only focused on that. So when it comes to putting out stuff not much thought will go into it. When thought is put into it it’s probably pretty good. The good thoughts however aren’t put into it because when they happen work isn’t being done. I also don’t think people care about my topic and if they find it interesting in some way. I know I don’t care what other people’s projects are on. One reason is because I don’t find what other people are doing as really interesting. I really don’t know why that is but it will probably not change. The only persons topic that I do have interest in is Grant’s since he is focusing on also Austin’s since he is focusing on stand-up comedy. Other than those two I can’t really think of anything else. When it comes to impressing others with my work I’m not really doing that. Just because of the simple fact that I will most likely not continue this work beyond this school year. I maybe the only one thinking like this but I highly doubt it. I just can’t seem to change my viewpoint on this situation.
     Bringing my idea into reality, it seems to me that I’ve accomplished it in some way since I’ve been doing the work. The work being the stuff I’ve been posting

Almaguer 4
since we stared this project. I don’t really have any ideas when it comes to expanding my horizon. Writing some reviews came up and trying to get them published came up also. But when it comes to the whole criticism part of this masterpiece I don’t want to do it. The main reason is because it just seems really boring. In this process I’ve been done many things. Including taking notes on things in notice on screen and learning on how they are done and what goes into it. Whether it is lighting, contrast, framing, mis-en-scene, camera angles and the setting. I even learned some technical stuff which includes cross cutting, dubbing, voiceovers and many other things. But when the process of reviewing a film comes up I hate the idea. I have been to sites to see how it is done and thought on how I would approach it however it doesn’t seem to spark that much interest. Even if the reviews cam from npr or even Roger Ebert it really didn’t make a difference. I hate the idea because if I were to do it my love for movies would slowly begin to die. I wouldn’t enjoy watching a show or movie like I do now. I guess I am not trying to make anything become reality when it comes to film criticism. So I don’t know which other thing can become reality. The whole reality thing seems like it won’t happen which I am okay with.
     Networking, I would say I don’t know what to do. I’m not sure who I would exactly need in my network. I guess just people in general that find what I am

Almaguer 5
doing interesting. But like I said before I am not sure if there are people that find what I am doing interesting in any way. The expert part to it is that I could possibly reach out to certain people. But rather, I have just compiled a group of directors whose movies I enjoy a lot. And when it comes to these directors I have just watched their movies and took notes. And tried to pay close attention to try to notice a technique that I have learned about. But past this I am not sure what I should be doing.
     The masterpiece project isn’t what I would call it. Not because it isn’t a masterpiece but because it won’t be perfect. And unlike other people I find that things that are imperfect can be better. I’ll just continue on with my imperfect project. And along the way I will see what comes of it.

 Almaguer 1

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super 8

- Quentin Tarantino
- Christopher Nolan
- Martin Scorsese
- Stanley Kubrick
- Ridley Scott
- David Fincher
- Steven Spielberg
- Francis Ford Coppola